Girl Up Steps up to Support the International Day of the Girl

Deemah Pulak

As a result of youth advocacy from around the world, in 2011 the United Nations declared October 11 the International Day of the Girl. Girl Up Clubs from around the world take part in the movement on this day, in hopes to unite and empower girls. At Richardson, the Girl Up Club created a booth where students would sign a large banner, pledging to support girls’ rights to education, safety, health, etc.

“When girls or just anyone sign the banner, it shows that girls are physically more than just a pretty face,” junior Nadira Hamid said. “It shows that they are capable to do much more and are able to, just like any other person, instill a change to the world.”

Everyone who signs the banner gets a chance to guess the number of M&M’s that were in a jar. The student who guesses correctly or the closest, wins the jar of candy.

“We ran out of space for people to sign,” Girl Up secretary senior Sandra Nguyen said. “We had a great response this year. I’m very happy with the amount of people who signed to support the cause and I hope we continue to have a great showing and response to our events.”

Girl Up Club meetings take place every other Wednesday in B211 from 4:10 to 5.