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Adam and Eli

At the first football game of the year seniors Adam Buckmeier and Eli Tracy scream the traditional chant ‘Whoop whoop” as the game kicks off at the Irving Nimitz stadium. Talon photo by Daphne Lynd
February 15, 2019

Chest Bump

Senior Ciara Lee chestbumps junior Emma Brantley at the Berkner game. “I love to help little girls and inspire little girls to become like me. It brings a positive vibe. I love to be happy and be positive all the time,” Lee said. Talon photo by Daphne Lynd
February 15, 2019


During an Asian Student union meeting secretary of the club, Andrea Joseph, battles Brandon Vo in a chopstick challenge. “It is different from other clubs I’ve been in because the leadership team actually plans meetings/activities that literally anyone would enjoy. I feel like ASU does whatever they can to make the club enjoyable for members, free of expense and the club is extremely welcoming and inclusive,” Joseph said. Talon photo by Jordan Buta
February 15, 2019


During the band's halftime show “Danza De La Rosa” which was thought of last year when sophomore Brian Gary would dance to salsa music every morning, freshman Kiran Scarth strikes a pose. This was the first year colorguard used handheld props other than flags in their performance. Talon photo by Daphne Lynd
February 15, 2019


Pushing through the water, senior Shiko Kinyanjui races in the varsity girls freestyle at the North Mesquite meet. This is the only meet outside for RHS swimmers, who share a natatorium with J.J. perace. Talon photo by Daphne Lynd
February 15, 2019


After a first round loss to top ranked Waxahachie in the UIL volleyball playoffs, senior Payton Cerny hugged teammate Emily Huynh with tears streaming down her face. “I was thinking about just how quick my time on the team flew by, and how I’ll miss playing with them,” Cerny said. Talon photo by Yessi Lipscomb
February 15, 2019

Eagle Guard

Junior Zach Spraggins jumps over his teammates during halftime where eagle guard took to the top of the field to sit by the scoreboard and eat pizza. “At games, we go to the student section and we do stunts, run the flag, and play games to get everyone excited. We have each person line up and jump after each other, sort of like to create suspense and get everyone excited. We’re trying to build adrenaline, and it’s always fun to see if we make it,” Spraggins said. Talon photo by Daphne Lynd
February 15, 2019


Government teacher Jared Clem stands next to the senior section pretending to hold back the students at the Homecoming pep rally as he has since he was told his cancer was in remission. “Using the force has a 98% sucrees rate, but sometimes those suckers get away,” Clem said. Talon photo by Daphne Lynd
February 15, 2019


Catching an over the shoulder pass, junior wide receiver Cameron Turner falls short of a touchdown in the first half of a 63-24 loss to Pearce. “It was a very exciting season for me,” Turner said. “I learned a lot of things from those seniors, and I will take all the things I learned from them and bring it forward into the next season. We will be back for PLAYOFFS – #IBelieve.” Talon photo by Chad Byrd
February 15, 2019


Hoisted into the air by  sophomores Caroline Haughey and Cynthia Sierra, senior Trudy Mahnich throws her arms out during halftime. “My schedule gets a little crazy especially during football season, but the team does an amazing job of juggling everything and continuing to do well in classes and in practice,”  Mahnich said. Talon photo by Chad Byrd
February 15, 2019


After scoring game tying basket senior Rod Gattis celebrates in the 4th quarter against our rival team ranked number 8 in the state Pearce High school. Talon photo by Chad Byrd
February 15, 2019

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