Robotics Magnet Gets Shop Overhall


Ella Davis

Metal shavings fall to the floor of the Robotics room as senior Abby Ramirez shaves down a large piece of metal.

Ramirez was using one of the many new machines that the Robotics Magnet obtained at the beginning of the year including a lathe to shape a pole for something that robotics is creating.

“The new machines are a great improvement, being able to work with industry-level brand new machines has really changed the way that we’re able to approach projects and go into them knowing that this is how it’s going to work in the real world,” Ramirez said

Much of the new equipment has made it possible for the magnet to begin work on projects that were not possible before.

“My personal favorite would be the new lathes just because they’ve been really helpful in manufacturing a lot of the big parts we need for our robot,” Ramirez said.

Robotics also got six new mills. These can be used for drilling holes, and in milling down objects.

“I like the mills, yeah, I never used the mills from last year but they’re really smooth and they’re not broken at all,” sophomore Matthew Hock said.

Sophomore Jesus Pinzon said some of the machinery, like the new band saws, require lots of knowledge and practice to put to good use.

“It’s because you have to precisely cut it, and I’m not good with that thing,” Pinzon said.