Winter Guard Excels At First Competition


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By Elizabeth Benitez

Freshman Nancina Tyler nervously smiled as she tossed a rifle high in the air as part of her solo in front of the watchful judges.

After weeks of hard work and practice, Winter Guard competed at its first competition this year on February 6 at James Bowie High School and placed first in the Novice Division. It advanced to the next level and competed against schools with more experienced teams on February 19 at Frisco Centennial High School and placed fourth.

“When we were about to perform I had a whole bunch of butterflies,” Tyler said. “I was freaking out but it was all okay in the end.”

Over half of the team is made up of freshmen and since they have never experienced a competition, they competed in the lower division.

“I’m actually committed to something for once,” freshman Kieryn Tobias said. “It feels great because I’m actually part of something.”

The planning for the show began in November and the team has been practicing every Monday and Wednesday for three hours after school and everyday in class since January.

“My group is amazing because we’re like a family and we bond and we’re just fabulous together,” Tyler said. “I love the fact that I joined color guard because it’s like the one thing that really that I love doing and nobody’s had to force me to do it. I just do it on my own.”