Junior Directing Wave


Junior Sophia Falies and Junior Madison Triplett rehearse lines before performing “Are You Alright in There” by David-Matthew Barnes as part of the Junior Directing Waves. Photo By Michelle Rodriguez


The Junior Theatre Magnet class, with only 13 students, put on a series of three plays on last Thursday as part of the magnet’s Junior Directing Waves.

Three students are responsible for choosing, directing and producing three different plays.

“It was fun,” Junior Sophia Falies said, “But it was a very long and tedious process.”

Every year there are four junior directing waves – two per semester.

“Directing was interesting,” junior Zoe Snyder said. “No matter how stressful the days got, coming into theater and working with my friends was great.”

During the plays, Theatre Director Cliff McClelland works all of the sound and lights in the booth.

“It went really well,” McClelland said. “I think in spite of the size of this class, the talent within these students is up to par with any other class we’ve ever had.”