Communication Magnet Controls The New Addition of Advanced Scoreboard


At the Eagle-Mustang stadium, Anna Walker shoots the pep rally event as it was being projected on the video board next to her. “The most interesting part of my job is all the spontaneous stuff while filming,” Walker said. Photo credit: Savannah Armitage

Jana Pulak

As sweat beads dripped down Anna Walker’s face, she readjusted the bulky camera hiked onto her right shoulder as she looked into the camera’s viewfinder before she looked back towards the event in front of her.

To her left, the videoboard flickered to another camera view and quickly realized it was coming from her camera. A small smile formed on her face and felt a sense of satisfaction as she made sure her camera was as still as possible before the videoboard switched to the next camera view.

The athletic department and Career and Technology Education (CTE) provided the Eagles-Mustang stadium with a more advanced scoreboard controlled by the communication magnet.

“My favorite thing about this is that I get to help other people enjoy the game as well as I enjoy the game myself,” Anna Walker said.

The original scoreboard was smaller, and didn’t have video features.

“We all know it is great to be able to watch something, but if you have to squint to be able to watch something, it’s not as enjoyable,” Morton said.

Since this was new to everyone, Morton said that the learning curve was extensive.

“Looking at it when I first headed out here, it was kind of intimidating, but being up here and watching what I am making, a lot of graphics that I made and being able to see it up there, it’s just awesome being able to view it from the big screen,” Communications Magnet student Ahmed Kadar said.

Morton said that students are excited about learning the new technology and having a good time.

“It honestly takes a bit getting used to, but honestly, I fell in love with that board, I think it is an awesome addition to the events,” Ahmed said.

The communication magnet was given full access to the function of the board such as what it displays.

“We have control over everything, we have control over the cameras, switching between cameras, switching between transitions, graphics, we can change speeds,” Seth said.

The communication magnet is able to work together to create content for the board during events.

“There is a lot of teamwork that it takes, I can run it all, but I can’t run it all by myself, I love the team aspect of it,” Morton said.

With new technology, some challenges arose that were unexpected.

“If Wi-Fi doesn’t work, the scoreboard doesn’t work and the scoreboard had trouble the last two games because we had WiFi issues,” Morton said.

The setup is very similar to industry standard technology that students will find at the next level.

“This is as much as I can get real-world for them,” Morton said.