Eaglettes Compete in Annual Extravaganza

Kaitlyn Medina

As the Eaglettes arrived at the Showtime International TVCC Extravaganza, many struggled to control their nerves.

An annual competition, the Extravaganza showcases some of the best drill teams in the area and includes multiple styles of dance from Hip-Hop to pom routines.

“Getting there and seeing all of the other teams and hearing others already competing was very nerve racking, but it felt relieving getting each dance done and spending it with the team,” senior captain Genesis Trejo said.

Along with preparations for football halftimes, pep rallies and other performances, the team began preparing for the competition in October.

Director Christina Hinchey said the competition routines are much more difficult than other dances the group performs throughout the year.

The team came away from the competition with multiple awards including team sweepstakes and other judge’s awards.

“We weren’t necessarily expecting to come away with lots of major awards,” Hinchey said. “I feel like they did very well considering the amount of time that they had to work on things.”

While most of the team was surprised at how well they performed, they said that growing as a team was the most valuable part of participating in the competition.

“The best part was spending time with these amazing girls that have grown to be a part of my family,” junior Cynthia Sierra said.