BluePrint Gallery


The Blue Print art gallery displayed senior art magnet student's work. Art by Lily Flandorfer

Daphne Lynd and Brooklyn Samuels

Senior Lily Flandorfer’s six by four foot canvas was exhibited at the Blue Print Gallery in Dallas after hours of slaving away as she sketched, painted and perfected the piece.

Blue Print sponsors a student event that stretches across the metroplex, where students are given the opportunity to sell their creations to the public. The art magnet, led by Sonia Kruskeski, participated for the first time this year.

“The program is really prestigious,” Kruskeski said. “I really hope to continue doing this program. There were a lot of people who came out to support.”

Flandorfer has been in the art magnet since seventh grade, marking this as her sixth and final year with the program.

She completed her piece over the summer with the idea to display it in the courtyard at school. When she finished it, Krusleski told her it was such a strong piece that she should submit it to Blue Print.

“When I found out I was surprised and excited,” Flandorfer said. “I knew it was a great opportunity to showcase my artwork.”

Senior Evan Perry also spent the summer working on his entry, and said he was stoked to get this opportunity to see his art hanging in a professional gallery.

His piece, titled “Supercell” is a self portrait that doesn’t actually show his face. He said he was exploring inner conflicts and how he faced them in order to turn them into something positive.

“In a lot of cases that means pouring my emotions onto a page as a piece of art, so the piece is sort of meta in that way,” Perry said.