Do’s and Dont’s of the Library

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Illustration by: Kat Dowling

By Anne Garsea

Quick! Find your 2015-2016 school ID. We’re taking a trip to the library, the best place in the school for quiet, peace, and for you to get lost in a good read. The library can be a nice place to get your work done, or to just chill out and listen to music during lunch. However, there are some basic do’s and don’t’s of the library.

DO- WEAR YOUR ID! If you misplaced it, don’t worry. It’s a few bucks to easily replace, or a simple tutoring session will waive the fee. Your current ID is vital when scanning into the library and checking out books.

DON’T- Bring food into the library. When it comes to this, it’s almost like the librarians have a super sense of smelling when trying to find kids with food. Bottom line, they will find you, no matter how sneaky you are. You will be kicked out and they will make sure to raise their voices enough so that everyone can hear you. Mega embarrassing to be kicked out of a library.

DO- Feel free to explore and use the resources around the library, when available. Half of the time, certain areas of the library may be blocked off due to classes or teacher meetings. Try to work around it! There are so many different books to check out and read in each aisle ranging from award-winning cookbooks to travel guides.

DON’T- Be scared of the librarians. They’re there to help. Although they hover around like bees from time to time, I promise you, they’re not evil if you follow the rules. Just remember the two vitals. ID and NO FOOD.

Last thing, always make sure to turn in your books on time and treat them right! A clean book is a happy book.