This Semester Will Rock Because I’ll Show You How

Photo illustration by Laney Lynn
Photo illustration by Laney Lynn

By Haley Yates

2015 is here. This means 5 months until graduation for seniors. For others, it means 5 months until you can sit around your house and lazily watch reruns of Breaking Bad. Either way, we’ve all reached that point in the year where going to school is about as fun as swallowing lumpy, cold soup. Ew.

How do you power through the dreadful months of torture and tests to make it through the warm, glowy tunnel at the end? I’ll tell you.

1. Start a list.

Clever how I started my list by suggesting you make a list. Seriously. Lists can be super-helpful when you’re stressed out, or unorganized, or unmotivated, or all three. I made a list when I was applying for colleges that went like this:

· Apply to colleges
· Cry
· Stop crying and buy some ice cream
· Apply for scholarships
· Cry more
· Watch every season of Friends immediately after it is released on Netflix while checking my email every 5 minutes for a reply from colleges
· Continue to cry and eat ice cream – if any is left

I successfully completed the list before break ended, and scratching that last one off the list felt like a giant weight being lifted from my sad shoulders.

2. Slap yourself in the face every time you start hyperventilating over who you’re going to Carousel/The Barn Yard Dance thing/Prom with.

Three years from now, not a single soul will care who you danced with to “Just The Way You Are.” Promise.

3. For the love of Beyoncé, focus on your grades.

If you aren’t graduating this year, you’re probably getting ready to apply to college. I can’t stress this enough – GOOD GRADES ARE SUPER-COOL. If you’ve already been accepted to your dream school, and want to spend your last semester of high school sleeping through APES, be my guest. I don’t want to see your tears when they revoke your $40,000 scholarship because you forget what anthropogenic means.

4. Take naps. Always.

This one is super-important. If you’re exhausted after a Biology quiz you’re pretty sure you failed, sleep it off for goodness sake. Eating right also falls under this category, Pop Tarts and a Red Bull is NOT a meal people. Sleep + decent eating habits = a healthier, more pleasant you.

5. Buy some stickers from The Dollar Store.

You deserve them. Did your Physics teacher tell you good job on your lab? Peel yourself off a Lisa Frank rainbow. Did you pass a super hard English quiz? Stick a racecar on your face. Your friends will be totally jealous, and you’ll feel empowered and ready to zoom through the rest of your day.