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JROTC students walk towards their next destination during the afternoon to get started on their next activity of the day. Talon Photo by Jesus Serrano

JROTC goes to Camp Maxey

Jana Pulak December 9, 2021

With a rope gently sagging from one side of a creek bed to the other about 10 feet above the ground, Cadet Private Charli Warren tried not to think about how much trust she was putting into the one rope,...

At the Eagle-Mustang stadium, Anna Walker shoots the pep rally event as it was being projected on the video board next to her. The most interesting part of my job is all the spontaneous stuff while filming, Walker said. Photo credit: Savannah Armitage

Communication Magnet Controls The New Addition of Advanced Scoreboard

Jana Pulak December 9, 2021

As sweat beads dripped down Anna Walker's face, she readjusted the bulky camera hiked onto her right shoulder as she looked into the camera's viewfinder before she looked back towards the event in front...

During the 1st homecoming parade since COVID, the cross country team holds out their hands to high-five teachers passing by as they approach the judges stand, hoping to catch their eyes with their vibrant colored outfits. We were dressed up like we were on vacation, cross country runner, Maryam Kassem said. Photo credit: Mallory Derrick

1st Homecoming Parade Since COVID Raises Donations For RISD’s Clothes Closet

Jana Pulak December 9, 2021

Scorching in the Texas heat, the cross country team walked with their colorful tie-dye tank tops along with a pair of gigantic sunglasses and decorative hats. As they approached the judge's stands, Maryam...

Senior Mya Johnson stands with Senior Marcellus Dennis after being named homecoming queen. Mya was crowned at the MacArthur home game to make up for missing the homecoming game after being contact traced. Talon Photo by Mallory Derrick Photo credit: Mallory Derrick

Homecoming Queen Leaves Before Halftime Ceremony Due to Contact Tracing

Leila Saidane November 12, 2020

As tears streaked through her makeup and down her cheek, senior Mya Johnson's dress twinkled under the stadium lights as she sat in her mom's car during homecoming halftime festivities. She was able to...

When senior Jake Parrish had to come up with a project for his Eagle Scout badge, he immediately thought of an old idea he had about providing a place at RHS for students to escape stress and reduce anxiety. Talon Photo by John Hydrick

Senior Installs Meditation Garden to Provide Students Stress-Free Space

John Hydrick December 16, 2019

When senior Jake Parrish had to come up with a project for his Eagle Scout badge, he immediately thought of an old idea he had about providing a place at RHS for students to escape stress and reduce anxiety....

Senior Esgar Angel works on car during first period auto tech class. Photo by Chad Byrd

Cruisin’ to the Show

Megan Smith and Sasha Mulisa February 15, 2019

Walking into the famous annual Las Vegas car show for the first time, auto tech students Samuel Howard, Esgar Angel and Navid Alam were immediately captivated by the big rimmed trophy trucks modified for...

Seniors Alexis Koladycz and Sarah Jackson measure soil in the new greenhouse. “We were trying to determine the quality of the soil,” Koladycz said. It was really cool because you dont think about soil having so many qualities, but there are actually a ton.” Talon photo by Lea Von Toerne

Going APES over new space

Daphne Lynd December 10, 2018

  Hands streaked with dirt, Kathleen Cutting works on her soil lab measuring pH levels with colorful tabs filled with chemicals in the new greenhouse that sits on the roof. The 2016 bond granted...

Physics teacher Derek Hammons explains gizmos activity, a lesson where students interact on their computers and follow along with the board, on his last day as an RHS teacher before leaving to work for NASA. Photo by Chad Byrd.

Teaching for the Stars

Daphne Lynd November 21, 2018

When physics teacher Derek Hammons visited the Johnson Space center, he saw the original Apollo control room which would send his career on a new trajectory. Hammons attended a teacher space camp called...

New law teacher Chris Bufkin listens to his student present a case. Talon photo by Daphne Lynd

Third Times A Charm

Daphne Lynd September 30, 2018

The law classroom has looked the same for the past six years, located in downstairs B-hall, trophies standing on every cabinet and banners screaming past successes hanging on the walls. For the past several...

Senior Mark Mercer sits in Principal Chris Choats chair as he has a conversation with U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions about his acceptance to the U.S. Naval Academy. Photo by Chad Byrd

Senior Learns of Naval Academy Acceptance from U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions

Isjina Luckett April 17, 2018

After being called to the principal's office, senior Mark Mercer settled into Principal Chris Choat's chair for a phone call with U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions. He had no idea that he had been accepted...

New Law teacher Brian Sheguit critiques a direct examination while freshman Natasha Kokkodil acts as the judge. I’ve just been here a semester so far, so I’m still learning the best way they learn, Sheguit said. Ive enjoyed it because they’re all very bright, they’re all very capable, and they’re all very talented. I like seeing that in them [and] being able to further develop it.

New Law Teacher Sets New Precedent

Cathy Agarwal February 15, 2018

As a police officer reads Law teacher Brian Sheguit his Miranda rights, he tightens metal handcuffs around his wrists. Mr. Westfall announces that a substitute teacher is on the way. Shocked, the students...

Good is working to bring a new vision to the culinary magnet including an on-campus restaurant and more hands-on experiences for her culinary students.

Its been very exciting, a little crazy and overwhelming, but overall, really good, she said. This environment is a lot different than your normal classroom. Theres a lot of learning by doing. Sometimes we fail, and thats how we learn.

Starting From Scratch

Cathy Agarwal February 1, 2018

Pots and pans clatter as students dressed in white bustle around the kitchen. Amid the sound of chatter and the buzz of appliances, new culinary teacher Kathryn Good helps a student ice a chocolate cake. Good...

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