Students Vandalize School Following TikTok Trend, ‘Devious Licks’


Inspired by the TikTok trend called “Devious Licks,” students vandalized school property and are now facing criminal charges and school-related consequences. “We are going to prosecute, and enforce the student code of conduct as harsh as we can,” Principal Chris Choat said. Photo credit: Shea Southern

Jana Pulak

After several students were caught vandalizing school property, following the TikTok trend “Devious Licks,” Principal Chris Choat made an announcement addressing the legal issues that will arise if students don’t stop.

“We have caught a few students that did that and we are giving them the consequences that come along with them, both the student code of conduct and through the law,” Choat said.

Going viral and facing the consequences go hand in hand with this trend.

“Fifteen seconds of fame is not worth the long-term consequences that you have to live with because of those actions,” Choat said.

Essentials such as soap dispensers were one of the many things that got stolen.

“I kind of feel bad because of all the stuff that is taken, there is no soap in the bathroom and I need soap,” sophomore Asra Baloch said.

Though this vandalism hasn’t landed any students in jail yet, Choat said these actions affect the school, so consequences are going to be harshly enforced.

“So that’s what angers me, they are doing it and at the end of the day, it represents all of us, but it’s not representative of who we are,” Choat said.

More strict measures are being enforced during the school day including having extra people dedicated to patrolling the hallways.

“Teachers are being more vigilant, checking bathrooms more often and checking for any damage that might have happened,” Choat said. During each passing period, all bathrooms are checked.”