RHS hosts Hispanic Family Connection Night

Mia Lynn

In hopes of making Hispanic families feel more involved and supported in school culture, various clubs held a Hispanic family connection night in the Library.

“Our mission is to help them feel included, to help them feel that they belong here just like anybody else,” PTA parent Debbie Renteria said.

To inspire and assist the families at the event, there were guest speakers including Ana-Maria Ramos, a Texas State Representative, and Nancy Guerrero from the U.S. Census Bureau. There was also an attorney to answer questions for people who are trying to gain citizenship.

“It’ll bring all the Hispanics together, letting them know that they’re not alone,” junior X’zazil Pastor said. “We, as one whole, can form something, and help each other out.”

PTA volunteers led the set up of the event, and clubs such as ALAS, Hispanic Student Union, and TOPS helped spread the word in addition to participating in the event.

“We’re usually always in these kind of events since we first started three years ago,” said vice president of the Hispanic Student Union Tracy Gonzalez. “We usually try to help out the best we can by translating.”

Volunteers and administrators involved said they want to connect with the hispanic community and show them opportunity.

“Everybody leaves here understanding that they truly belong at this school, that they have a place here, that this is their home, and that they absolutely have a voice in whatever happens in the school,” Renteria said.