Student vs Staff Dodgeball Game Raises Money for Eagle Fund


Madison Triplett

The first student vs staff dodge ball game was held on Friday in the big gym by eagle fund to raise money for student activities such as field trips.

“I’m sentimental knowing that this is one of my last activities as a senior,” Furtuna Yemane said. “But I think I can speak for all seniors when I say I’m excited to move on.”

Even though the teachers brought more intensity and fight, the students were the overall winners.

“If we’re going by age then the teachers won but in all reality the students won,” Director of Human Resources Charles Bruner said.

Administrators use events like these for more than just fundraising, they also use it to build school morale.

“Seeing everybody smile was my favorite moment,” Principal Chris Choat said. “Because even though we were competing, we were all still smiling.”