Grant Funds Bands New Uniforms


Freshman Abgial Ortega plays her flute during the pearce game during the half time show of the Arabian Nights


Marching Band members received new uniforms this year through the RISD bond, the first time they have been updated in 11 years. Drum Majors Francesca Williams and Nick Crothers recieved applause from the crowd as they walked out on to the auditorium stage wearing the new uniforms at The Spring Band Orientation

The band’s new uniforms were designed by Fred J. Miller, a company who designs marching band, drum line, color guard and concert uniforms for many high school bands across the country.

“There was a lot of trial and error between the 6 months with the designer,” Head Band Director Jesus Marquez said.

The previous band uniforms were black and dark purple with a sequin sash. The new uniforms are grey, black and purple with a music staff on the front to represent an eagle’s wing with an “R” to represent Richardson.

Drum major uniforms have the same design but with black and grey with purple highlights to represent the three leaders of the Golden Eagle Band. Many band members had their opinions on the new uniforms comparing them to the old uniforms.

“Before, the uniform itself felt like a good eight pounds of wool – not fun to wear in Texas heat,” senior Drum major Anna Fitzgerald said.

Students say the new uniforms are thinner, lightweight and better fitting.

“It feels incredible to have new uniforms, not only are they more modern, but it always feels nice to have something new to wear,” senior Drum major Anna Fitzgerald said.