Rio-Themed Pep Rally Wins A Gold Medal In Spirit

Senior Josh Dubose cheers as the spirit stick is pointed toward the senior section during the homecoming pep rally.

By Caroline Cluiss and Isabel Costian

Climbing up the bleachers into the student section, senior Josh Dubose crinkled his nose, smelling the familiar scent of stink bombs planted under the bleachers before the Olympics-themed homecoming pep rally.

The gym was filled with seniors, juniors, sophomores, teachers and a large crowd of alumni at the pep rally this morning as the student body got hyped for tonight’s homecoming game against Lake Highlands High School.

“The pep rally was very fun, and it was really cool to see all of the organizations come together,” senior Jennifer Lorenzo said.

peprally hoco_Bgraham_207.jpg
Senior Hailey Falies throws her leg through a hula hoop, helping the seniors win the group competition at the homecoming pep rally. Photo by Brantley Graham



The Homecoming pep rally is unique because it precedes the parade, football game, and dance, and students wear mums and garters to express spirit for the school.

“It’s really sad that it’s my last pep rally,” Lorenzo said. “I’m going to miss all of the spirit.”