Two-Time Choir Students Advance to State

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By Heiress Smith

For the second year in a row, junior Bethany Jelinek, and senior Dylan Kirk made the annual All-State Choir Competition. Jelinek earned 2nd chair, Soprano 2, and Kirk earned 4th Chair, Tenor 2, placing them in the All State Mixed Choir.

“I’m very excited,” Jelinek said. “It’s a lot of pressure the second year to make it once you’ve made it the first year. It’s not so much expected of you, but you expect it more for yourself. I’m very happy that I get to do it again.”

Choir Director Lindy Perez and the two performers put in long hours of work to make the repeat performance from last year possible.

“They attended choir camp over the summer and met with Ms. Moore and I several times each month to practice the audition music and sight-reading,” Perez said. “We even met over winter break.”

As a second year winner, Kirk said that he’s thankful for the achievement, especially since he loves singing with others who have a similar interest.


Photo by Elise Garcia

“Fortunately I was able to attend last year,” Kirk said. “I just love being around people who have the same passion as me and love to sing.”

Kirk and Jelinek attended an All-State choir concert in San Antonio, Texas on February 10-13th.

“I enjoy the whole thing, just the environment and being able to sing with the whole choir on the river walk is great,” Jelinek said.