Top Four Things You Need to Do at the Fair

Anne Garsea

Fair day is right around the corner, and whether you decide to go on the designated day, or ditch class to go on a less crowded day, here are the top four things you should do at this year’s fair.

4) Visit the barns and petting zoos. When walking through the gates, the people sitting at the tables try to put feed into your hands for the animals. Keep in mind that feed costs about two dollars, and it’s not required to get into the zoo. Avoid eye contact and keep walking in. Pet some goats, let a giraffe eat your hat, and laugh at the derpy alpacas. The only downside is the mass amount of kids running around, and the smell will probably make you…

Project_20151009_AnneGarsea0003 copy.jpg
Photo by Anne Garsea

3) Go shopping in the various market places. There are dozens of stands in each of the mega tents dotting the fairgrounds. From middle-aged people trying to chat you up to sell you a $500 blender, to cool handmade jewelry and Texas themed gifts, the entertainment is endless. You’ll probably find at least one must-have knick knack to rekindle the memories you’ll make at the fair – aka the smell of people sweating sausage grease while shoving you out of the way to get to the deep fried-fried bacon.

Project_20151009_AnneGarsea0004 copy.jpg
Photo by Anne Garsea

2) Ride at least one ride near the Midway. (My pick: THE FERRIS WHEEL!) Most of the ‘”scary” thrill rides will leave you with bruises due to the metal shaking cart ramming you around from corner to corner – but hey, that’s what we want, right? The same rides have been there year after year, but the most iconic, the Texas Star, the 212 foot Ferris wheel debuted in 1985, stands high over everything else in the fair. Best advice, go at night. The LED lights are beautiful, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to get a gondola (seating cart) with only you and your party. Sharing one can be a good way to make a friend, but without a stranger, it makes the experience more personal. When at the top, the view is breathtaking.

Photo by Shae Spades

1) IT’S NOT A PROPER VISIT TO THE STATE FAIR UNLESS YOU GET A FLETCHER’S CORNY DOG. No, not one of the “discount foot long” corn dogs. It’s not the same. Most likely, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you’re walking along, then BAM!, you accidentally hit a mile-long line waiting for a corny dog. Yes, the fair is known for crazy food. From fried cupcakes, to fried spaghetti and meatballs – but a Fletcher’s corny dog should be a staple in every fair goer’s “food pyramid.” Whether you do it the “Texas” way, by smearing mustard on the dog with a finger, or swirling ketchup on it for the #tumblr worthy photo, or even eating it plain, when you hear the word ‘State Fair’, this is what should automatically pop into your mind.

Photo by Anne Garsea

After spending 9 hours at the fair, I was pooped. A shower after your visit should be a state law. Whether you go with friends or family, you’ll have a blast.